Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Ghana Unrest: Many fear 'worst is yet to come'

Political tensions are rising in Ghana after the government uses the military to intimidate electorates at some collation centres in most stronghold region of the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC.

The ruling party in the most region used militarily to force Electoral Commissioners on gunpoint to change figures and manipulate results to favour the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP.

This has compelled the supporters of the opposition party to storm the streets of regional capitals and have vowed to defend and project their vote at the peril of their lives.

However, provisional results collated by the opposition party indicate that the former President and flagbearer of the opposition party Mr. John Dramani Mahama has win with 50.15 per cent of votes cast and has won the majority of Parliament.

The EC inability to honor it promise to declare the election results as promise has raised concerns amongst  peace loving Ghanaians.

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  1. The electoral commission and their boss should do the right thing in the fear of God so that she doesn't plunge our dear nation into chaos otherwise posterity will judge her.
    And on the other if what she is right in the name of God then she should bold in her declaration.