Monday, 26 March 2018

Immense water scarcity to hit Ghana soon

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Adnan Adams Mohammed

Without an immediate concerted effort to stem the danger of dying river bodies in the country and other remedial or alternative water sources identified for treatment into portable and safe drinking water, the country may experience acute water shortage.

This could lead to loss of lives and properties. This was revealed by a research conducted by the Centre for Coastal Management of the University of Cape Coast.

Dr. Donaltus Agnorien, a research fellow at the Center is therefore calling on all stakeholders immediately to sit around the table and profile solutions or look alternative source of water and also to double up efforts aimed at saving the dying water bodies.

The death of these water bodies, he added, would not only mean the country would spend much in having water for domestic and other industrial use but also lives could ultimately be lost as water represents live with many living organisms man depends on for survival..
The country will automatically have to import water which will be a drain on the already scarce resource base of the country, he noted.

Speaking to the media on the occasion of the World Water day, Dr. Donaltus urged stakeholders to check human activities that consequently affect the health of water bodies as water is a rare resource that must be protected at all cost to support sustenance of the human and animal life.

The issues of illegal mining, open defecating and other general poor negative practices meted to water bodies must be addressed well to save the country’s water bodies.