Saturday, 3 March 2018

Businesses at Tema Port to improve…. as expansion project progresses

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Adnan Adams Mohammed

Sea cargo transport through Ghana is expected to experience significant increase as the country works toward upgrading its container handling facilities to attract bigger vessels from the shipping lines.

This will also reduce the cost of business at the Tema port. This is because bigger vessel size means lower cost of  trade due to economies of scale.This will improve Ghana’s global trade competitiveness which will ultimately drive economic growth and employment.

The Tema port which has been under ongoing expansion since last year, has enered a new phase of the project as the first concrete element was moved from land into sea, last week.

This achievement is significant as it shows the project is on time for building the first 700 meters of quay wall ensuring the new port facility can be operational by June 2019.

At that point, Ghana will have significantly upgraded its container handling facility attracting bigger vessels from the shipping lines.

 Meridian Port Services is the expansion project’s manager and its Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Samara commenting on the lates milestone explained that, over time he expects that the vessels calling at Tema will move from a maximum vessel capacity of 4000-5000 TEU to around 14,000 TEU.

He emphasized that bigger vessel size means lower cost for trade thus improving Ghana’s competitiveness globally and it will ultimately drive faster economic growth and employment.

However, the Port Project Director Jesper Kjaerulf-Moeller noted that, "including phase 2 we will build 1,400 meters of quay which will enable several big vessels to berth simultaneously giving Tema the capacity to both serve Ghana and become a transhipment hub for West Africa".

The concrete elements used for building the quay wall are called Caissons and Head of Construction Finlo Paish revealed that each caisson weighs 2,600 tons and is roughly 20 by 20 meters in size.

He continued: ‘Together with our Marine contractor we have worked tirelessly to reach this milestone and I am very pleased with our progress to date’.