Monday, 15 January 2018

Gov’t rules out fear of power rationing

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Adnan Adams Mohammed

Minister of Energy, Mr. Boakye Agyarko, has stated that his outfit will ensure continuous and sustainable supply of electricity in 2018.

To this end, the ministry has inaugurated the Electricity Market Oversight Panel (EMOP).

The eleven-member panel is expected to, among other things, monitor the general performance of the power industry.

Mr Agyarko in an interview, expressed optimism that the panel will further help in ensuring affordable and reliable power supply for the nation.

“We have put in the necessary arrangements and mechanisms to ensure that disruption does not disrupt power production and consumption by consumers, and a body like EMOP will help in mitigating and managing whatever circumstances we find ourselves in but it is our commitment to keep the light on despite whatever happens,” he assured.

Mr Agyarko stated the ministry will not relent in ensuring that the country moves further from stable power supply to uninterruptible power supply.

“We have moved from an interrupted power situation to a stable power situation and it is our goal to move to an uninterruptible state where whatever happens in generation distribution and transmission has no material effect on our consumers. “That is the journey we are taking.

There will be hiccups along the way no doubt about it but it is our responsibility as managers of the system that whatever hiccups, there could be anticipation and it will be dealt with before they happen,” he said.

The members of the EOMP are Michael Opam as Chairman, Executive Secretary of Energy Commission as a member, Executive Secretary of PURC as a member, Chief Executive Officer of GRIDCO as a member, Head of System Operations, GRIDCO as a member. Others are Ebenezer Baiden as a member, Samuel K. Desouza as a member, Nana Osae Nyampong VI as a member, Abubakari Obuama Addy as a member, William Amuna as a member, Eric Kyem as the administrator.

Meanwhile, the Energy Ministry has described as untrue claims by the Minority in Parliament that the Ministry and for that matter government has not made any proposal to the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) for a reduction in the electricity tariffs, contrary to what was stated in the 2018 budget.

The Energy Ministry also says the Minority claims that the PURC is contemplating a major increase in electricity tariffs and the fact that the Ministry is meddling in the affairs of the PURC are all false.

In a statement, the Energy Ministry said it submitted a proposal to the PURC in November 2017 for a reduction in electricity tariffs.

“The PURC has not communicated its intention to increase tariff. A major review of tariffs does not necessarily mean an increase as misunderstood by the Minority,” the statement said.

The Energy Ministry also noted that it considers the charge of meddling in the affairs of PURC as shocking and urged the Minority to be diligent in their search for information.